Meetings vary in type and size ranging from 4 people to sometimes over 100 people. Typically each meeting has a leader that opens and closes, people go around the room for first name introductions, and–if the meeting size permits–folks are invited to share with the group pertaining to their experiences. If you do not wish to share or talk, you simply pass. *Meetings are traditionally followed by fellowship and conversation over snacks. 

12 Step Programs
AAAlcoholics Anonymous
Al-AnonFor those affected by other peoples addiction
NANarcotics Anonymous
HAHeroin Anonymous
SAASex Addicts Anonymous
CMACrystal Meth Anonymous

Meeting Types
Open MeetingEveryone is Welcome. The group has voted to allow all comers to attend the meeting, although usually only Alcoholics/Addicts speak.
Closed MeetingThe group has voted attendance is limited to Alcoholics/Addicts only.
Big BookThe book Alcoholic Anonymous (the Big Book) is the text for these meetings. When the focus is on a specific text, usually the group supplies copies of the book for attendees. If you would like to make notations in the text, obtaining a personal copy is useful.
DiscussionA chairperson is designated for a meeting; the chairperson speaks briefly about their “experience, strength and hope”. Following this the chairperson may suggest a topic for sharing by other attendees.
StepUsing the book Twelve Steps and Twelve Traditions (12 & 12) the meeting focuses on the Steps. Depending on group conscience, a new step is read and discussed each week. Alternately, participants read and discuss individual paragraphs with each week building on the prior weeks work.
Speakers/DiscussionInitial speakers kick off the group’s discussion of matters brought up by the speakers.
BeginnerAny of the above meetings may, by group conscience, be designated as a Beginner meeting. These meetings are usually led by more experienced group members with the primary focus on introducing new members to the tools available for the maintenance of sobriety.Beginners are not restricted to meetings of this type; they are welcomed at all meetings of Alcoholics Anonymous. A benefit of a “beginner” meeting is the opportunity to meet other peers as they start their sober lives.